Rubber mallet
Cutter or hand saw
Pair of gloves
Assembly instruction manual provided


Basic Rules

Respect orientation of tiles (positioning of clip holes)
Start with bottom left
Work in rows (horizontal or vertical)


DALL’BALL® BasketBall courts are manufactured in our factory and are in compliance with ISO 9002 rules.
Lead time: 4 weeks after receipt of your order.


Tiles are packed on 110 x 110 pallets, shrink wrapped, strapped and labelled with the customer’s address. Pre-assembly : 9 tiles per square meter on base.
Delivery on tailboard truck for easy unloading. Each pallet is made up of 630 tiles, i.e. 70 square meters (gross weight: 260 kg).


Maintaining DALL’BALL® playing surfaces is extremely simple.

Once a year : clean the DALL’BALL® tiles with a high pressure cleaner.

Once every 3 to 5 years depending on indoor or outdoor layout : remove the tiles square meter by square meter, clean them with a high pressure cleaner, remove dust and ball bits on hard ground underneath with an industrial vacuum-cleaner and reassemble.

Use cleaning products recommended for the maintenance of plastic products only.