I.D.PLAST a company specialized in manufacturing plastic tiles has developped a unique concept of Basketball surface covering : DALL’BALL®. For both indoor and outdoor use, DALL’BALL® consists of officially approved «FFBB» thermoplastic surface and game line tiles that are clipped any together to form a Basketball court of the required size.



Teaching Process

Teaching children Basketball requires appropriate equipment : the size of the court, the height of the rim and the size of the ball.

The use of DALL’BALL® surface covering in different colours allows the child to :

• Learn more easily and with more fun as children are very sensitive to colours
• Get a better overall view of the court
• Get a better view of the different areas

Available in different sizes, DALL’BALL® playing surfaces provide enjoyment and comfort to Basketball players and learners of any age.


Modular Structure

Besides its many advantages, DALL’BALL® offers a wide range of playing surfaces, from private courts to professional sports clubs.

The DALL’BALL® range includes several sizes ranging from the standard adult court 32 x 19 meters, to the mini surface 13 x 13 meters.

DALL’BALL® is also available as a portable kit, ideal for exhibitions or different events as it can be easily and quickly dismantled.


Technical Details

DALL’BALL surface covering is made up of modular tiles and game lines, secured together with patented clips.
The tiles are made of injection moulded thermoplastic material, they are durable, self-draining, distortion proof and recyclable.
The semi-cercle is a special line marking.

Technical Data

Ball bounce complies quality norm XP. P90-110
All colours UV resistant
Tile size : 33 x 33 cm
Tile thickness : 1,5 cm
Tile weight : 400 g
Material : Pure polypropylene recyclable, UV stability


All colours are officially approved by FFBB (Standard FFBB colours). Other colours available on request.


DALL’BALL® is the real answer to any needs for resurfacing your used BASKETBall courts.
DALL’BALL® can easily be placed on top of your existing BasketBALL court. It is a cost saving investment.


Physical properties in conformity
with norm XP P90-110 LABOSPORT

Officially approved by
the French Federation of Basket Ball

Floor Plan Layout

The 3 X 3

Size 19 x 15 m / Made up of 2565 tiles 33 x 33 cm for an overall surface of 285 m²


Training Center

Size 36 x 24 m / Made up of 7776 tiles 33 x 33 cm for an overall surface of 864 m²


Standard Adult Court

Size 32 x 19 m / Made up of 5472 tiles 33 x 33 cm for an overall surface of 608 m²


Quarter Court

Size 13 x 13 m / Made up of 1521 tiles 33 x 33 cm for an overall surface of 169 m²